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Eric Robson - Alaska Professional Entert

Eric Robson

Alaska Professional Entertainment (APE)

As a child, Eric Robson loved to make music. His teachers would constantly

cite him for disturbing the peace of the classroom through his spontaneous

need to tap out rhythms on whatever he had on hand, whether it be his desk,

pencils, or his leg. With this energy, his parents suggested he join band. After

spending this entire middle, high school and college career being a

percussionist in music classes, he knew becoming a band teacher is where

he would leave his mark.

Little did he know that working as a Middle School music teacher for quite

some time would lead him to where he would find his second greatest

passion. After emceeing countless band concerts, he had been told over and

over that he was great behind a microphone. So, one day in 2008, a

teaching colleagues who had been running a successful Wedding Planning

business said that he would be great as a DJ. After some reluctance, she

introduced Eric to a local entertainer Martin James, Founder of Alaska

Professional Entertainment. His job interview was at an event, The Iron Dog,

the longest toughest snow machine race in the world. He was put to work

immediately. Eric worked for Martin until 2015, when an unfortunate accident

took Martin from us too early. To continue Martin’s legacy, Eric took over

ownership of Alaska Professional Entertainment. Martin’s mentorship has

been the reason Eric has led over 360 weddings and has become a trusted

and seasoned professional with unparalleled experience helping couples

plan, organize, execute, and create wedding memories that last a lifetime.

One memory that Eric recalls, that keeps him doing what he does is that

years ago his best friend got married in Utah. Utah wedding receptions are

pretty much like this…. You show up, drop off your wedding gift, have an

eclair, say congratulations to the couple and move on to the next wedding.

His wife was from L.A. and had a second reception with DJ entertainment.

Attending the reception was one of the most fun times Eric had ever had at a

wedding. After all these years, Eric & his best friend don’t talk about the

decorations or what they wore but they talk about how much fun the evening

was and they danced till midnight. One of Eric’s guiding principles is trying

his best to make sure guests walk away that same feeling is what drives him

every wedding.

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